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Xtreme Solutions Yellow Jacket : Multi-Surface Cleaner - Pint

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Yellow Jacket Multi-Surface Cleaner - R.T.U.: Yellow Jacket Is a blend of selected surfactants and cleaners which easily clean a variety of surfaces and fabrics. Considered to be an "old-school" degreaser, Yellow Jacket is also recommended for cleaning mats, black walls and engines. In it’s “Ready-To-Use” formula, It can also be used for cleaning a variety of soiled surfaces such as leather, plastic, upholstery and carpets. Yellow Jacket uses surfactants to surround and suspend dirt and oil that finds its way into porous surfaces. The blend of surfactants and cleaners removes oil, grease, dirt, and old dressings from panels and tires.

Directions: Agitation will speed up reaction on heavily soiled areas. Rinse treated area with large amounts of water using maximum pressure.




NOTICE TO USER: Yellow Jacket can stain glass, aluminum trim and some mag wheels if allowed to sit for lengths of time. Use caution while using this product.

*Clarification On Sizes & Dilutions: This product is available on the internet in pints or gallons. Pints are sold in a "Ready-To-Use (R.T.U.)" formula and have already been diluted to our recommended dilution ratio (4:1). Gallons are sold as a concentrate and can be diluted to whatever strength as needed.