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Xtreme Solutions Tsunami Specialty Cleaner

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Tsunami Specialty Cleaner is a uniquely designed cleaner, specifically engineered for all your cleaning needs. Xtreme Solutions took a new approach on old school all purpose cleaners by applying new industry advancements to old school cleaning power! Leaving behind a great fresh scent, this specialty cleaner lifts away dirt and grease without damaging or staining exterior AND interior surfaces, including leather, vinyl, upholstery and carpets. Tsunami Specialty Cleaner can be used to clean every part of the car; bumper to bolts and everywhere in between!

Directions: Always have a water source close by before starting any project. Place Tsunami: Specialty Cleaner in a well marked dispenser bottle and properly dilute. Tsunami can be diluted anywhere from 1 part chemical to 10 parts water for less soiled areas to 1 part chemical to 4 parts water for more heavily soiled areas. Apply Tsunami Specialty Cleaner to areas that needs to be cleaned. Agitation will help speed up reaction on heavily soiled areas. Wipe with a clean cloth. Tsunami Specialty Cleaner can be used on EVERY surface of your vehicle! Scientifically formulated to be tough on dirt and grime, but gentle on upholstery... You'll never look at All-Purpose cleaners the same!


Dilution Recommendations (parts water : parts chemicals):

  • 8:1 - Upholstery/Headliners

  • 4:1 – Exteriors, Jams, Trim, etc

  • 2:1 – Engine Compartments

  • 1:1 – Wheel/Rim Cleaner


*Clarification On Sizes & Dilutions: This product is available on the internet in pints or gallons. Pints are sold in a "Ready-To-Use (R.T.U.)" formula and have already been diluted to our recommended dilution ratio (4:1). Gallons are sold as a concentrate and can be diluted to whatever strength as needed.