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Xtreme Solutions Bug Off RTU - Pint

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Bug-Off™ is an exclusive, revolutionary insect remover, that was featured in Auto Laundry News' October 2014 edition! Bug-Off is an advanced blend of surfactants that react quickly to completely and safely dissolve insect residue from paint, chrome, and glass. Simply spray on a cool surface, let Bug-Off stand for thirty seconds, then rinse with a high pressure spray or agitate with a soft brush before hosing off.

*Clarification On Sizes & Dilutions: This product is available on the internet in pints or gallons. Pints are sold in a "Ready-To-Use (R.T.U.)" formula and have already been diluted to our recommended dilution ratio (4:1). Gallons are sold as a concentrate and can be diluted to whatever strength as needed.