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SKU: 7898511030967

Vonixx Microlav Microfiber Cleaner 50.7 fl oz (1.5L)

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MICROLAV is a product designed for cleaning and conditioning microfiber cloths and foam applicators. Its formula efficiently cleans and restores the fibers, leaving them as new and super soft. MICROLAV cleans dirt, waxes, compounds, chemicals, oils and more from your microfiber towels. It also keeps your microfiber towel absorbing water instead of inhibiting it like the cloth softener does. HOW TO USE: - WASHING MACHINE: Put 30 ml (1 fl oz) of the product in the detergent dispenser for each 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of dry microfiber. Choose the “delicate” washing mode. NOTE: The quantity of MICROLAV used can be changed for more or less according to the dirt level. - MANUAL WASHING: Dilute 30 ml (1 fl oz) of the product in 5L (1.3 gals) of water. Place approximately 800g (1.3 lbs) of microfiber in a bucket, submerged for 30 minutes so that the product can act on the fibers. Perform manual washing by rubbing until completely cleaned then rinse. IMPORTANT: After wash, always dry in the shade.