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Vonixx Carnauba Plus Cleaner Wax (1.5L)

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Carnauba Plus Wax is a cleaning and protection wax developed with the purest Carnauba wax from Ceara, Brazil. 

Its exclusive formula contains micro abrasives that help to clean the paint while protecting and promoting a deep gloss.


- Protects for up to 30 days
- Provides a high gloss
- Contains Type 3 Carnauba

- Extremely easy to apply and wipe off
- For better protection and results you can apply a paste wax, spray wax or sealant on top of this cleaner wax
- Great to remove scuffs (paint transfers) and to clean dirty spots on the paint
- Can by applied by hand or with a polisher



- Shake the product well before using
- After washing and drying the car, put a small amount of the product on a foam applicator (or soft pad) and apply to the paint doing circular movements
- Wait to dry for a few minutes
- Wipe it off using a clean and dry microfiber towel

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