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SKU: Oxy-2D

Oxygenator Aerator

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Reduces treatment time to one hour when using a Bio-Bomb.  This aerator will increase the strength of treatment and shorten the application time.  Save time and money with this amazing little pump!


1. Fill Bio-Bombs application jar to the fill line with water and place in vehicle cupholder.

2. Insert and lower the weighted Oxygenator hose into the bottom of the jar.

3. Tear open pouch and drop Bio-Bomb tablet into the jar.

4. Turn on Oxygenator and exit vehicle immediately

5. Return to vehicle in one hour, open all doors and windows. Air out vehicle for 10 minutes.

REQUIRES: 2 AA Batteries and has a run time of 20+ hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Made extremely quick to deodorize a Toyota Camry 2020 that had pet and smoke smell a customer wants to sell.

Aztec Detailing
Love it

This is a must for all your odor bomb use, highly recommend, it make the process faster actives in a faster rate