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SKU: 3231

Optimum Car Wash (32oz)

Vendor Opti-Coat
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  • Highly concentrated formula only requiring .5 oz per gallon (15ml to 4-5 liters) to produce results
  • pH neutral soap will not strip protection
  • Highly foamable formula is perfect for foam cannons
  • Bio-degradable ingredients making it safe to use anywhere



Optimum Car Wash is designed to clean the toughest automotive grime while maximizing the durability of your wax or sealant. Some car wash products, as well as automatic car washes, can remove the UV protection and wax, leaving the paint unprotected. Optimum Car Wash is designed to remove dirt and grime without removing the protectant.

It has a rich foaming lather that traps dirt and grime. Easy rinsing to leave a smooth, clean surface behind. It is highly concentrated and only requires .5 fl oz (15ml) or less per gallon (4-5 liters) of water to produce the necessary cleaning and foaming.

Optimum Car Wash contains only bio-degradable ingredients to make it safe for consumers and the environment.