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Load image into Gallery viewer, Maxshine Mist Enhanced and Protect - 16oz
Load image into Gallery viewer, Maxshine Mist Enhanced and Protect - 16oz


Maxshine Mist Enhanced and Protect - 16oz

Vendor Maxshine
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Maxshine Mist works great as a clay lubricant, drying aid, spray sealant and much more. This solution is safe on all surfaces and is very easy to use.

Quickly get a shining finish by simply misting on the surface and effortlessly removing with a microfiber towel. Mist is formulated to add the finishing touch to your next detailing job!



  1. Spray Sealant

  2. Quick detailer

  3. Creates hydrophobic finish


Manufacturer:Made In The USA

Package Including:

  • 1xMIOZ16:AIO mist enhance and protect cleaner (Mist-16oz)


TOOLS NEEDED: ESS Brush, Microfiber Towel, Drill Brush, Tire Brush.

  1. Evenly Mist onto the surface, allow time to interact.

  2. Gently absorb and wipe off with a fresh Microfiber Towel.

  3. Apply more solution for added lubrication.



  1. Use Mist when drying off after a wash to maintain a mirror like finish and feel.

  2. Pair with Maxshine Clay bar for the ultimate decontamination.

  3. Clean your entire interior with Mist.


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Chemicals are essential for all detailers in completing a full service car wash. Soap for a hand car wash, cleaner for an interior car detail, conditioner for car seat cleaning, compound and polish to pair with your polishers, car wax to protect your car detail, and the list goes on. MaxShine’s extensive list of chemicals helps mobile detailers when they’re on the go and those offering their car detail service in their detail shop.