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Load image into Gallery viewer, Maxshine Mirror Finish Polish - 16oz
Load image into Gallery viewer, Maxshine Mirror Finish Polish - 16oz


Maxshine Mirror Finish Polish - 16oz

Vendor Maxshine
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  1. Restores Clarity/Gloss: Enhance the paint finish by removing fine scratches, swirls and oxidation. Restore gloss on all colors and add value to any vehicle.

  2. Body shop safe/For all surfaces: High performance fine defect removal formula on clear coat, gel coat and single stage paints.

  3. Water based /Silicon free: Leaving behind little dust and polish residue its easily removable after polishing has been completed. Prepare for the application of a final protectant.

  4. Flawless finish/Mirror shine: Effectively and efficiently perform paint correction with this polish resulting in no remaining scratches and swirls.


Manufacturer:Made In The USA



Capacity: 16OZ

Color: White

Material: Mirror Finish Polish




  1. Apply four pea-sized on to a polishing pad and spread evenly on the surface.

  2. Continue by covering a section at a consistent speed and applying light pressure to the polisher.

  3. Finally using little effort buff off remaining polish residue with a clean microfiber.


Tips: Use light pressure when polishing After polishing add a protectant Keep polishing pads and surface clean during paint correction


Product description:

Maxshine Mirror Finish Polish improves the appearance of your paint by leveling out the small, fine and hard to see by the eye imperfections.

Removes fine scratches, swirls and oxidation while enhancing the shine and clarity in your vehicles paint. This formula doesn’t produce excess polish dust, it minimizes residue and wipes off the surface easily.

Completely restore the condition of your paint while making it ready to add a final protectant.

Chemicals are essential for all detailers in completing a full service car wash. Soap for a hand car wash, cleaner for an interior car detail, conditioner for car seat cleaning, compound and polish to pair with your polishers, car wax to protect your car detail, and the list goes on. MaxShine’s extensive list of chemicals helps mobile detailers when they’re on the go and those offering their car detail service in their detail shop.