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SKU: 2050125BL(5”)

Maxshine Microfiber Polishing Pad-One Step

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  1. Professionally removes heavy swirl marks, scratches and chemical oxidation

  2. Functions are applicable to rotary and dual-action polishers

  3. Performs best with cutting polishers

  4. Hook and loop backing

  5. Suitable to apply polishes, waxes & sealants


Maxshine Red Foam+EVA Microfiber DA Pad:

Functions are applicable to rotary and dual-action polishers, suitable to apply polishes, waxes & sealants.

Performs best with cutting polishers, and plush premium microfiber material ideal for removing common below surface defects like scratches, etchings, stains, swirls and hologram while enhancing depth of shine.

The EVA foam between the loop and the foam is best at achieving the effect of buffering. High quality hook and loop backing material can be used for time and time.

Polishers are nothing without the proper pads. Take your auto detailing to the next level with paint correction and the right pads. MaxShine’s Polishing Pads come in various sizes, cuts, and materials so you can provide a thorough car detail. Whether you have a detail shop or run a mobile detail business, MaxShine develops products with detailers in mind.

Customer Reviews

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Keith McManonos
Super high quality pads, fantastic customer service.

I had questions about the pads, contacted Detail Supplies and they got back to me within minutes. They answered all my questions and then shipped the product out to me very quick. Within a day and a half I was on my driveway waxing my ride. The pads are of superior quality. WILL definitely be ordering more products!