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Maxshine All in One Polish & Protect - 16oz

Vendor Maxshine
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AIO Polish removes medium to heavy defects while laying down a protective layer through an all-in-one step process.

This polish will produce a mirror-like finish with the ultimate balance of correction and protection. Use this solution on a properly prepared finish for superior results!



  1. Micro cutting technology

  2. High-gloss finish and sealing wax


Manufacturer:Made In The USA


TOOLS NEEDED: Polisher, Polishing Pad, Microfiber Towel, AIO Mist.

  1. Apply four pea-sized dots to a polishing pad and spread evenly on surface.

  2. Continue by covering a section at a consistent speed and applying medium pressure to the polisher.

  3. Buff off polish residue under a fresh microfiber towel with light pressure.


  1. Work in small sections.

  2. Shake Polish well before using.

  3. Best results when working a cool panel. Keep polishing pads and surface free of contaminates.

Chemicals are essential for all detailers in completing a full service car wash. Soap for a hand car wash, cleaner for an interior car detail, conditioner for car seat cleaning, compound and polish to pair with your polishers, car wax to protect your car detail, and the list goes on. MaxShine’s extensive list of chemicals helps mobile detailers when they’re on the go and those offering their car detail service in their detail shop.