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Dr.Beasley's NSP 45

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NSP 45 is a fully inorganic finishing primer, engineered specifically to prime for ceramic nanocoating application. It removes light marring, produces a deep gloss and lays an adhesion matrix for ceramic coatings to form a durable bond with.

 OPTIMIZES FOR LONG LASTING COATINGBuffing with NSP 45 makes coatings stronger for longer by optimizing paint for bonding

 REMOVES FINE SCRATCHESPrecision microsphere abrasives correct light marring with an exacting cut

 REVEALS DEEP GLOSSProduces smooth surface for striking depth of gloss and reflectivity

 NO SILICONE OILS OR RESIDUEZero organic content eliminates IPA/panel wipe step for better efficiency



Nano Surface Primers are a new kind of automotive paintwork correction technology. Unlike outdated polishes and compounds, Nano Surface Primers build a ceramic coating foundation on the paint while getting unparalleled results, both in shine and efficiency.


Nano Surface Primers use a combination of microsphere abrasives and nanogel technology to simultaneously remove defects and build a ceramic coating foundation.


Microsphere abrasives are a new kind of abrasive particle with remarkable cutting and finishing ability.

Abrasives are the particles in polishes, compounds and Nano Surface Primers that actually cut the paint. Polishes and compounds use older technology that doesn't match the performance of microsphere abrasives.

Because microsphere abrasives are perfectly round, they feature an infinite number of cutting facets that accelerate correction speed.

Microsphere abrasives are carefully engineered and controlled in size down to the micron level to achieve a precise cut that minimizes the amount of clear coat removed and maximizes gloss. Each NSP features a different size of microsphere to achieve a different kind of result:

  • NSP 150 - 1.5μm Microspheres (Removes Deep Scratches)

  • NSP 95 - .95μm Microspheres (Removes Swirls & Scratches)

  • NSP 45 - .45μm Microspheres (Finishes & Produces Gloss)

Complete paintwork correction using NSP 150, 95 & 45.


Polishes, compounds and primers require a "carrier" to deliver the cutting abrasives onto the pad and paint. Outdated polishes and compounds use carriers that don't distribute abrasives evenly and contain silicone oils that must be removed to apply a coating.

NSPs utilize a new type of abrasive carrier called "nanogel". Nanogel has many advantages over polishes and compound carriers. It contains no silicone oils that must be removed before coating. It more evenly distributes abrasives for a better shine.

It also runs cooler than old carrier technology, allowing for longer working time without burning the paint. Most importantly, Nanogel lays a ceramic coating foundation to ensure maximum durability for the protection applied after. The priming foundation also protects the perfected finish from scratches and contamination before the ceramic coating is applied.


There's one Nano Surface Primer that we haven't mentioned yet — NSP Z1. NSP Z1 is a little different than the NSP System (NSP 45, 95, 150) because instead of just building towards a ceramic coating while it corrects, it actually applies one! This type of product is called an "AIO" — think of it as all the NSPs combined, plus a ceramic coating.DIRECTIONS

Nano Surface Primers enhance and optimize your current paintwork protection procedures. You may require less product and less time to achieve your desired results. Be sure to test and experiment with NSPs as you use them to develop a feel for what machine settings and pads work best for you.